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Online Newspaper – The Evolution of Journalism


Do you know that when you buy a newspaper, it’s like you’re cutting a tree? Nowadays, the flow of information is no longer limited to print media; online newspapers are considered the most ideal medium to read the news or update yourself with current events. People prefer an online newspaper over the usual physical newspaper we see on the sidewalk stands.

Journalism has now entered a new stage, in which news organizations are more enthusiastic to invest their resources on their online operations. But they do this so they can drive more followers to their network, and take full advantage of the Internet.

Although news organizations are pretty new in this type of endeavor, and sometimes they still fear the Internet because it’s a potent tool to replace traditional media in the news market. As a consequence, they do not fully understand what users want from online news and their behavior after receiving the news.

According to some studies conducted by news networks in the US, it has been proven that traditional press can still be feasible in some areas, but most of these news networks know and understand the reason why people these days prefer online news. They offer their readers something similar, but with a catch.

Some tips for conducting an online newsroom.

Advantages Of Online News And Its Effect On The News Market

Past studies in the field of journalism have shown that there are 9 technical advantages of online news and these are the following:

  • More news choices online news
  • Multi-tasking
  • In-depth background information
  • No costs
  • It can be updated 24/7
  • It can easily be customized based on the location and preferences of the readers in that area
  • It can be shared and discussed with peers
  • People can share their different viewpoints via comments
  • News organizations can easily answer the feedback of their readers


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These studies have clearly shown the link between the online news and its online users, but it failed to determine the practical consequences of this new media. It’s clearly detrimental to the future development of the newspaper and the effects it can generate in the news market.

Based on the study, 9 attributes which are listed above seemed to be the main reason for online news adoption. In fact, online users have visited a news site a couple of times a day – and 47% of these users are willing to go online to find out something that could interest them.

Here are great ideas for online news networks.

This only means that online news networks should concentrate their efforts on providing 24/7 news services, and continually update their content based on the interests and needs of their online users. Each page on their website must have several clickable links that will redirect to various information relevant to the topic at hand.

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Taking Advantage Of Unlimited Space Available On The Internet

It’s important to take advantage of the unlimited space available on the Internet, but the information being published on these online newspaper sites must have interactive quality, and that it can effectively pique the interest of various online news readers.

Journalists who would want to publish their materials online must be willing to tailor-made the news that they provide. This should be based on the audience they want to target, and the type of people they want to influence.

News networks must combine news with other online enhancements like email news alerts, embedding of news stories to various portals on the web, and alert popups that are strategically located on non news websites. It will be extremely important and significant to online news users. The fact that it is FREE and available to anyone who are using the Internet can add to its capability to gather a huge following.

The interactive component of this media has provided news organization with a new way to generate income. Advertisers are now looking for a new and more potent medium to bring their products and services closer to their market. Online newspapers can be one of the most effective tools that they can take advantage of.

As a matter of fact, they are willing to pay a considerable amount of money just to feature their business on online newspaper sites. There will always be some lucrative deals between companies and news networks when it comes to advertising and promotions.

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The Most Threatened And Displaced Medium In the Newspaper Industry

So far, the most threatened mediums are the magazines, which are relatively displaced by people who used online newspapers. People would choose a medium that provides interactivity, not to mention that it is – free and cuztomisable. Newspapers come second, and it’s now been replaced by online users who are looking for fast, reliable, and immediate news while they are watching television.

The most significant conclusion from the study conducted by experts and journalists in the field states that users want both comprehensive news and regular updates. Also, they are not willing to pay for online content, therefore, these enhancements must be undertaken by the publishers at their own expense.


Advertising – The Best Solution For Publishers

We all know that online newspapers are saving our environment, since it can greatly reduce the use of papers. News networks can take advantage of the “Green Factor” that is sweeping the nation, and the awareness of people to the environment. With the advancements in technology, publishers can now focus all their resources on producing high quality online newspapers.

Although they must be very strict in publishing news that have sensitive issues. Since rumors can spread like wildfire on the Internet, they should keep in mind that people all over the world are following their news and what they publish online.

In addition, advertising can be more lucrative because companies will often look for a popular medium that can provide them leverage. For this purpose, they will look for online newspapers that have gathered a considerable amount of followers.

The important thing is that they bring their products and services closer to their market, and online newspaper can be that medium. Of course, publishers and newspaper networks can reap the rewards by charging a fee that can compensate to the amount of work they put on their content.

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