Stop wanting to start a business.
Stop thinking about starting a business.
Go learn what it takes to start a business.
Know Opportunity is created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. See how a game can change your life.



True Entrepreneurship

There’s a better way to get kids to think big. 80% of the world’s buying power exists outside the U.S. If we’re going to teach entrepreneurship, shouldn’t we consider the global possibilities?

Financial Security

Have you thought about starting a side business to get you out of the paycheck-to-paycheck mentality? Does working for yourself seem more enjoyable than working for somebody else?

Global Network

Be you an extrovert or introvert, you’ve already made enough connections to tap into a profitable network. Don’t undermine what you’ve accomplished. We’ll show you how.


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The core idea of Know Opportunity is centered on the idea of thinking about business with a global mindset by teaching students how to live locally and work globally



Educators find the 36-week global entrepreneur curriculum easy to follow and adaptable to fit in with existing courses and lesson plans.


The four key areas of Deep Learning are: Visual, Auditory, Kinetic, and Reading & Writing – Know Opportunity engages students on each of these levels

Core Features

Mental Mindset

There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful business. Full time or side venture, we’ll help you develop the skill set for success.

Business Priorities

Is it time to invest in expansion? Should you venture on a deal before you have the recommended funds? This business game can help you.

Sell More Products

Learn how to identify pain points in foreign markets and revise your pitch to appeal to those markets so you can sell more products.

Investment vs. Expense

Most games are expenses: they provide little return for their cost. That’s why Know Opportunity is different: It’s a business board game that helps drive your entrepreneurial success. So, what are you waiting for?

SHOP said Know Opportunity is a must-have game for budding entrepreneurs.


Learn more about the game and see why it’s unique to global entrepreneurship.


If you’re looking to use Know Opportunity in the classroom, check this out.

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