Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Python hints for gain comparison script

Sources for fixing my bad coding for making the data graphs:

Directly setting the tick labels in matplotlib. Haven't gone here yet but this is apparently not a simple tweak although there is a formula for getting it right:
The .plot() method for matplotlib and how it so nicely allows for multiple lines on the same plot:
Extracting a column from a 2D list. 3 methods: 1) list conprehension, 2) just use numpy 3) zip
Initializing a list for my x axis values, explained for babies:
Doing multiplication and division between elements of three arrays: Just use numpy.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

January 2020 Diversions

"I turn an AC compressor into a working engine" it looks like he's using spark plugs?
This infographic video of the the Glomar Explorer operation looks insanely stupid with the sound off, but it seems like it does contain facts so I can't keep from looking.
Here is a nice HTML color code picker!
WOW! This research into stress turning hair grey is amazingly conclusive! And now I know that it's too late for me.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

December 2019 diversions

The make and model of the PDU salvaged for the EGSE rack:
The realization that there have been several models of NI USB-GPIB dongles over the years, apparently A, B, HS, and now HS+

ProCreate and other animation/drawing apps for T:
An adorable "Getting Started" guide filled with impossible looking examples:
An artist's review of the iPad + ProCreate:

Space twitters

Here are my favorite space themed twitter feeds:

Here is the twitter page of the guy who is constantly flying aerial spying missions at the Starship facility in Cocoa Beach:
Here is the Russian woman who recently went on an amazing tour of a CCCP space museum and who always has a great insider perspective on the back-room politics behind russian space news:
Here is DutchSpace, who reblogs a wide range of news, often with interesting opinions:
Copenhagen Suborbitals; this twitter is about the only way to keep up with their excruciatingly methodical progress:

Friday, January 3, 2020

How to save emails in .eml format from Office 365 webmail

The way I got it to work is to open a new email, and drag the email in question from the side bar to the email, which makes it an attachment in .eml format, then right clicking on the attachment and selecting "Save As". As suggested here:

Here is a link to a page with several suggestions which are not this one. Interestingly this page hints that an email can be directly dragged from the webmail, presumably the sidebar, to the deskstop:

August 2019 Diversions

Eternal Links:
Here is the twitter page of the guy who is constantly flying aerial spying missions at the Starship facility in Cocoa Beach:
The link to Unearth:

The short lived news of the DC immigrant detention center plan:
Trying to find the story of when the jews fucked up an ICE station this summer. This isn't it, but interesting:
Remember Parnas and Fruman? No of course not they've already been forgotten by the media circus.

Misc Links:
From scanning the news about Hurricane Dorian hitting Florida (and the starship facility there). It passed by missing the coast.
I missed this internal Apollo 11 celebration, although it looks like it was probably lame anyhow compared to all the Smithsonian stuff that I also missed:
A company trying to pass itself off as an NI distributor. Probably a surpluser, but they fooled Google.
A page of cut and pasteable "Thumbs Up" ascii art, some huge and complex, some simple and cute:
A Birdenstine zinger: "Falcon Heavy is ready right now."
Everyday Astronaut's astonishing interview with Jim Birdenstine:
The PI for the Viking experiment for detecting life argues (unconvincingly) that Viking did not have a "false positive". This is in the run-up to Mars2020.
In honor of the issues being experienced by the Mole on Mars, here is a beautiful article about the little-known Luna24 mission:
Luna 24 was a follow-on to Luna 20 which was apparently the subject of a crazy CIA operation to photograph it after it was ill-advisedly sent on a tour of Europe:
An astonishing scientific paper on the sample-return mission results from Luna16
The Luna 16 (and later landers) were suprisingly beautiful:
From a search from actually a later month, the wikipedia page for Wrath Of Khan:

Keysight's new nightmare website for the E3631x power supply series. No longer has links to get quotes, manuals, etc.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Fender Mustang I

Here is the link to the company website page for my new used amp. The quick start guide and manual can be downloaded from here:

Googling "fender mustang 1 20W amp" gets that page, plus ebay, Amazon, and guitar center pages, and forum threads about how to reset it.