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Patio decks & Roof decks

Architectural Concrete Pavers

Manufacturer of Roof Pavers, Concrete Pavers, Architectural pavers, precast terrazzo tiles, detectable warning pavers & ADA truncated dome pavers. We incorporate crushed marble and granite into a cementitious base, hydraulically pressed to produce highly decorative Interlocking Pavers. These concrete paving slabs make a beautiful walkway, patio, pool deck, roof deck or driveway. They can be sand set, mortar set or installed on pedestals over waterproof roofs or decks. Concrete accessories such as stair treads, risers, pool coping, detectable warning tiles, ADA Truncated dome paver & tiles for the blind are also available.

GraniteTech® Pavers

Granite Pavers

Produced from recycled crushed granite within a color cement matrix which are ground to expose the natural beauty of the granite chips.
StampTech® Pavers

Granite Pavers

Developed from actual sections of stone Stamp Tech Slate pavers have been designed to reproduce the texture, color and appearance of natural slate.
Cool Roof Pavers

Cool Colors

We have developed several series of pavers that provide reflectance & emissive values providing great performance to the Green Roof concept.
Detectable Warnings

Detectable Warning

Detectable warning pavers & ADA truncated dome pavers are available in many custome colors & are factory sandblasted for slip resistance.
Recycled Glass Pavers

Roof Pedestals

Recycled glass pavers qualify your project for Green Status and LEED certification.
Roof Deck Systems

Roofing Pavers
Roof & Deck Pavers

Roof Pavers
Adjustable Pedestals

Roof Pedestals
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