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Trucking and the levels of AI

Artificial intelligence is making headway into transportation in several key areas. It's not going away, so now is the time to look at how machine learning will affect the things we do daily involving trucks and personnel.


National Weather Service

Cap and Trade or Confusion and Tax?

Your answer definitely depends upon which side you fall on in the ongoing debate.

Is it just more abuse of governmental power and redistribution of wealth or is our planet really in trouble?

To find the real truth about climate change, just follow the money.

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Take advantage of the saving on items from Amazon's warehouse of returned items. Click on the link below to view available stock.

Savy Pro Deals from Amazon Warehouse

Summary of State Anti-Idling Regulations See EPA site for list of Regulations

This Week in Petroleum...

Retail diesel fuel prices seem to change asoldfashioned_gas_pump_lifting_hose_md_wht frequently as the tides. This is the place to find out what can influence prices.    Check here each week to read the latest from EIA

Tracking Environmental Effects

 Visit the SmartWay Transport Partnership

FleetSmart by Natural Resources Canada offers advice on energy related cost savings.

Fleet E-Commerce provides the items offered by select suppliers that every shop can use.  Visit often, as we keep adding useful tools and supplies.

Technology for Clean Air Emission Control Technologies for Heavy-Duty Trucks & Buses

New Stopping Distance Regulation

  • Haldex Stopping Distance

Chain Laws

Shop Tips

Chain laws vary from state to state.  The DOT links will have the complete chain laws in effect for each state.

You go to get your test light or volt/amp meter out of your tool box and the leads are all tangled up and a pain to get out of the drawer. Before you put themsmalltxtown 014 back let's make a simple holder for the leads. Fold up the leads and estimate the diameter of the fold. Now cut a short piece of rubber hose that the folded up leads will fit into. Slip the folded up leads into the short piece of hose and store away. Find this and other shop tips by clicking on the link or the picture

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