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Aviation Week Marketplace is where airline and MRO buyers connect directly to commercial aviation aftermarket products, services, manufacturers, and suppliers. Find information and contact details for all of the leading aerospace and aviation companies.




Get a comprehensive look at the latest MRO products on the market. Efficiently connect with the aviation industry’s global sellers. The Aviation Week Marketplace helps make it easy.




As part of Informa's Aviation Week Network, Aviation Week Marketplace connects you to the news, analysis and technological innovations happening in the aviation, aerospace and defense industries.



Aviation Week Marketplace is your best directory source for thousands of aviation and aerospace aftermarket companies and products. Search for exactly what you need and get connected to the right company. We have highlighted some of the most detailed MRO product information you’ll find in the Aviation Week Marketplace. Check back regularly to find new featured products.


How to Use this Directory

Use our directory to get in touch with the aerospace and aviation companies offering the aftermarket products and services you need.

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Finding products

Search our MRO products database, or navigate to the products dropdown in each category to browse thousands of aviation products.

Exploring companies

Browse aviation companies in our MRO categories to find details and contact information, or search by company name.


Explore our list of aerospace and aviation distributors in the manufacturing and distributing category. Our directory contains distributors from around the world.


Navigate to suppliers from around the world. Isolate manufacturers by country and industry category.