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Health insurance for NYC metropolitan region freelancers
The Digital World

Computers, photography, electronics.
Apple, MacWarehouse, J&R, B&H, Adorama

Software and Sites:
Technical, multimedia, freeware, shareware.
Macromedia, Adobe, MacConnection, TuCows, Archive.com, Deleted Domains, Dictionary, Free Conference Call, Babelfish, CSS, Flash resources

Design, advertising, recruiting, repair.
Agency, Antenna, Funny Garbage, QuA, Interbrand, FutureBrand, Lippincott Mercer, Avenue A Razorfish, CNS, Coroflot, HOWdesign, CGR, Wertco, Canine Creative, RGA, RitaSue Siegel, Tekserve
The Physical World

Weather, maps, currency.
NSweather, Official Time, Mapquest, XEconverter

US and int'l events, politics, crime, sports, business.
CNN, BBC, Fox, ABC, MSNBC, Reuters, IHT

Travel, leisure, outdoors, equipment.
Continental, Hertz, Orbitz, Bicycling Hub, Pricepoint, Universal Cycles, Interloc Racing Design, Trikotboerse24, Bike Nashbar, Performance Bike, Keirin Culture, Fixed Gear Gallery, Road Bike Review, Lehigh Valley Velodrome, Musicians Friend


Periodicals, journals, books, humor, reviews.
Harpers, Salon, New Yorker, McSweeneys, Alibris, NY Review of Books, Baffler, Euclid-Windsor, Fantagraphics, Comic Art Collective, Tucker Max, Time Out NY

Radio, recorded music, live performances.
WFMU, Reel Top40, Carnegie Hall, Other Music, Weirdo Music, Hepcat Willy, Comfortstand, Oddio Overplay, WM Recordings, Epitonic, Garageband, Subsource

Museums, galleries, performing arts, film.
Metropolitan, Guggenheim, Whitney, MoMA, Gallery Guide, Artnet, Pace, Andrea Rosen, Ricco Maresca, Schellman, Miller, Gagosian, Archives of American Art, NYCB, IMDB

Graphics, media, architecture, furniture.
Interbrand, Newstoday, Communication Arts, How, Readymade, Print, Dwell, Domus, AIGA, SEGD, Creativity-AdCritic

Supplies, hardware, tools.
McMaster-Carr, Grainger, Harbor Freight, Northern, Dykes, Outwater, Dick Blick, United Mfrs

Fonts, photography, sites.
Atomic, Process, P22, Emigre, T26, House, Typographica, FontHaus, Garage, Hoefler, Abstract Fonts, Famous Logo Fonts, Dafont, MyFonts, Eternal Fonts, Final, Brands of the World, Aesthetic Apparatus, 04jp, Pixel Museum, iStock, Getty Images, Comstock, Veer, Stone, NYPL, Shutterstock, Photos.com

Here and There:
Home, pets, transportation, fashion.
DWR, Jonathan Adler, Troy, Conran, Design Public-Edge Modern, Velocity, Design Addict, MoCo Loco, Spacify, Sleek Spaces, Eurway, Lighting Forum, Artemission, Fragments of Time, Sands of Time, Trocadero, Automotive Forums, BMWcca, SD Auto Museum, Postmodern Pets, Petfinder, Coach, Zappos, Patagonia, Lost Luggage, Fast Portfolio, Pina Zangaro

Education and Work:
Colleges, universities, continuing ed, courses, listings.
Parsons, ITP, FIT, ArtsWire, MERC, MRB, NAME, ASTC

The basic rule of thumb for dressing for an interview is to find out about the accepted attire at the company and then dress one level higher in professionalism. If you are in doubt about the company's dress code, ask. Just make sure you don't show up looking more casual than the company's employees.
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