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WOODMAGIC CUSTOM WOOD PENS are all created and hand-crafted on site by WoodMagic Custom Wood Pens of Westfield, New York

WOODMAGIC'S CUSTOM WOOD PENS, WOODEN PENS, and PENCILS are handcrafted from many Exotic Woods such as:
- Cocobolo                  - Padauk                  - Rosewood                 - Birdseye Maple
        - Aromatic Cedar       - Dymondwood         - Deer Antler             - Spalted Woods & Burls
       - and many, many more choices
Plus many Local Woods such as:
- Black Walnut            - Wild Black Cherry            - Oak            - Cherry       - Apple
                                                            - and many more. Also, Corian and Acrylics
Please look in the above panel for links to many of my rare and beautiful wood pens.

WoodMagic Wood Pens
Custom made fine writing wood pens and gifts made from exotic and domestic woods
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