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Trending Articles:

Judge’s Son Admits to 35 Counts of Trafficking Child Porn Involving Infants, Gets NO JAIL

In the land of the free, there are two sets of justice systems — one for all those connected to that system, and one for everyone else. Time after time, we’ve seen police officers and politicians alike accused of terrible crimes and they escape with little to no jail. As the following case illustrates, even family members of the connected class are extended this privilege and escape accountability for even the most heinous of crimes.

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Millennials never recovered fully since the Great Recession and now Covid-19 is bringing a painful economic reckoning. Half of US households own no stock

While the pandemic has caused unrelenting and blistering damage in every segment of our economy, the pain is simply not distributed equally. Many of our essential workers are in the least secure jobs, with weak healthcare support, low wages, and ultimately are in jobs that keep them financially stuck while risking their health. What is troubling about this scenario is that we are seeing crony capitalism rearing its ugly head yet again – with the large bailouts we still do not have a clear picture as to where trillions of dollars went and we are devaluing actual work to support opaque networks of money.

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Former French Prime Minister Defeated By Macron Handed 5-Year Jail Term In "Fake Jobs" Verdict

More than two years after conceding defeat to Emmanuel Macron during the preliminary rounds of France’s last presidential vote, which saw Macron emerge victorious at the head of his reformist "En Marche" movement, which quickly fizzled as the French people turned on the country’s youngest leader since Napoleon, former French PM Francois Fillon has been sentenced to five years (with three suspended) for doling out 'fake' government jobs to his wife and children.

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Major Mexican Cartels: Drug Wars And Business

A previous report by South Front documented the heavy human, social and material costs of the drug wars in Mexico, which have devastated the country since the mid-2000s. In this report some of the major factors in the rapidly shifting environment of the main cartels over the last ten years, and their frequent formations, disintegrations and reconfigurations, are reviewed.

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